Easy to implement

  • Install a device at your site in seconds. Set up an employee in less than a minute.
  • The device is battery powered (lifetime of 4 years +), has no wires, and requires no wireless or radio network connection. Simply attach the device to the wall.
  • Browser based web portal removing the need for software installation


Easy to integrate

  • Stand alone back-office management tools, or the ability to easily integrate with existing systems
  • Easy to export key reports for weekly and monthly needs


Low Cost and No barriers

  • No SMS cost incurred by users: the text cost is included in the pre-paid credit bundle
  • Expensive smart-phones or PDAs are not required; U-Clock works with any mobile phone capable of sending an SMS text message
  • All administrative and reporting tools are web portal based, meaning no custom software needs to be installed


Effective Employee Management and time-keeping

  • Ensure your workforce is on site and on time, reducing employee time-theft
  • Tracking attendance for you and your customer, with defined audit trails
  • Real-time data and reports
  • Powerful pro-active alerts mechanism allowing you to take swift remedial action.
  • Managing and Supporting Lone workers – covering health and safety requirements

Clear and concise communications

  • SMS and e-mail based triggered and custom communication to receive updates on jobs; to support day to day business operations and to allow problems to be dealt with timely and effectively
  • Group messaging capability – administrative staff can quickly contact groups or individuals via the U-Clock portal. This has additional benefits such as delivery confirmation and full audit logging.
  • Alerts and User scheduling enable you to deliver excellent customer service, allowing you to reschedule new labour quickly and effectively if employees fail to arrive

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Powerful reporting and analytics supporting back-office management

  • Reduces errors and time spent by replacing manual time-sheet production, and many other manual tasks
  • Payroll reports and audit trails – easily exportable and usable, with the elimination of payroll overpayments
  • Simplified and automated timesheet production
  • Supports other back-office business operations, such as replenishments via the communication tools
  • Accurate, demonstrable, billing to your clients via easy to understand reporting and a full audit trail
  • Supporting Human resources Day to day administrative tasks, such as logging holiday requests, staff sickness and expenses

Supporting Health and safety regulatory requirements:

  • Confirm employees have read, understood and have agreed to site specific health and safety requirements
  • Lone workers can be monitored automatically using the alert escalation system. Ensures relevant people are made aware if an employee is out of contact for longer than scheduled