Supporting the Rapid Growth of
Commercial Cleaning Business

Context: Our client was a small and rapidly growing commercial cleaning business, with all the challenges that entails for recruiting and managing an ever growing number of new customers and staff.

How U-Clock Helped: U-Clock supported the day-to-day running of the business, including: time-keeping, pay-roll, expenses and other back-office functions such as replenishments. In addition, the U-Clock system was used as a source of key differentiation to win new clients and grow the business. A co-branded box was used as a way to differentiate versus the competition; to be able to visibly demonstrate to the clients via custom reporting when cleaning was being performed.

Benefits: The business grew by 5 x in a single year, supported by the highly adaptable system and its use as a point of difference in winning new customers. Costs were reduced from absenteeism and lateness and everyone who joined the business was productive from Day One.



The system is always updating and adapting and I’m genuinely q1really excited about what it will be capable of doing over the coming years.