Multi-site Management in
the Construction Industry

Context: Our client was completing several large construction projects, and was having trouble managing the disparate and growing number of on-site contractors. Time was slipping and costs were rising. E-mail communication was proving to be problematic and slowing down progress.

q2One of the biggest problems of managing is keeping track of when people q1are on site and how long they are there for. Many contractors charge by the day, which is fair enough, but when we first started out we never knew what time the employees had turned up and what time they went home.

Often when I went along to the site after work, the amount of progress q1tq2hat had been made did not seem to match up to the hours I was being charged for.

How U-Clock Helped: U-Clock’s time-tracking, communication and back-office management capabilities all came into play. All of the personnel were briefed on how to use the U-Clock system, which was a shifting pool of 20 personnel per site across several sites. SMS was agreed to the preferred channel of communication, and a number of keywords were agreed for replenishments and time on-site. The back-office capabilities of time-sheet reporting and tracking ensured personnel met deadlines.


Benefits: The remaining sites were delivered on-time and to budget after the U-Clock implementation. Overall, there was a calculated cost saving of c. £50,000 in addition to six months of time across the building projects.