U-Clock harnesses the power and simplicity of SMS text messages and e-mail. The system works universally on any phone regardless of make, model, or operating system.

SMS communication is ubiquitous and concise. Response levels and reliability, based on the mass coverage of GSM mobile reception, means SMS is unrivalled by other communication media when a short, concise message is needed as in much of today’s working environment.

q2This is where U-Clock really comes into its own. It’s not just q1about people clocking in and out, it’s also a messaging system.

Core Uses:

Employee Management, for example:

  • Ensure employees are where they are when they are supposed to be there
  • Real-time reporting: see at a glance where all your employees are and when they arrived
  • Traffic light system to clearly display whether staff are where they are scheduled to be

Back Office Management, for example:

  • Stand alone reporting capability, or ability to integrate with any standard system
  • Employee scheduler – plan work, holidays and other events
  • Administrator dashboard to manage users, sites, payroll, absence and much more

Communication, for example:

  • Fully configurable notification system using SMS and e-mails
  • Triggered and custom communications to individuals and groups
  • Full audit log of every message sent and received

Core Sectors:

U-clock’s benefits are enjoyed across a number of sectors, for example:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Unsupervised Remote Staff
  • Security
  • Domiciliary care
  • Health and Safety monitoring
  • Shift workers