Managing Temporary
Labour effectively

Context: Our client was supporting a number of retailers across multiple locations by providing temporary shift workers, but finding it difficult and time-consuming to match the right worker to the right location.

q2Having been in recruitment for q1more than 20 years I’ve enjoyed many of the benefits that technology has brought along. However, few have been as effective as U-Clock; it has made the most time-consuming parts of the business seem almost effortless

How U-Clock Helped: U-Clock designed and implemented the solution specifically for this client. The system stores a ‘bank’ of key workers for each location, and then individually selects the best candidates for each site based on a set of pre-defined attributes for each candidate (e.g. reliability). The more attributes that are loaded into the system, the more accurate and beneficial the final match will be. The system texts the workers until the required number of temporary workers are reached. The back-office support system then schedules these candidates to attend on the calendar. The U-Clock system also learns from previous work and grades everybody on the system for their reliability. This is calculated using things like absence rates, the percentage of jobs accepted and time keeping, with bonus points for being early or working later. A higher rating will then put them to the front of the queue when new jobs are being given out – ensuring that the best temps are onsite and on time, every time. Registering each user takes less than a minute. If someone texts in sick, or there is a no show then the first to respond to the automated text gets the slot. The customer also receives an e-mail apologizing and informing them that a replacement is on the way.


The text message system enables a log of all the correspondence to the temps, including jobs, times and addresses, in case of any dispute. It also allows them to text directly head office with any issues or problems.

The system also links to an automatic pay-roll creation, reducing the admin time required for overall employee management.
Benefits: Time and cost saving for the selection of the best candidates. Positive feedback from the retailing clients. Enabled the client to focus on growing the business, reducing time taken up by the mundane day-to-day tasks.