TiplogoStacey Bellew, Tipperary Crystal, Ireland

q2We have been using the U-Clock system q1for over 6 months now and find it most beneficial and user friendly. We use the U-Clock system to manage our staff who work in offsite locations around the country. We find the online tool extremely user friendly.
We can view all staff logged in at any one time. We can also run reports that show hours worked for selected periods.We would highly recommend using the system.



Kevin Millar Bsc (Hons) ICIOB CBIFM, Hawthorn Estates

q2We have been using U-Clock now for q1twelve months and found it an excellent system to monitor staff and this has made our work easier to prove to clients that work has been carried out. It has also given us a time sheet for each employee to make the calculating of payroll easier and more accurate.

Ken Houghton, Director at Gordon Kitto gkwlogoWelding

GKW have recently completed a major q1q2installation project in South Wales, which required us to employ 18 men for a period of 10 months. We contemplated installing a static clocking system and recovering records at the end of each week. While trying to source a system on the internet we came across U-Clock, supplied by a company 20 miles down the road from our offices. We contacted them, had a demo, purchased the U-Clock unit, signed up for the reporting system and within days it was operational. Each morning we could log-in and see who was on site and what time they clocked in, and what time they left site the previous day. Any absenteeism, lateness or leaving site could be investigated within minutes. The software produces printable attendance records and time sheets. Value for money U-Clock is an excellent piece of kit for monitoring remote working. We will be utilizing the U-Clock on future projects.

avlogoDave Edwards, Senior Engineer, AV Group

q2The U-CLOCK system is simple to use. It q1makes the boss realise just how punctual I am, and gives me an easy way of keeping in touch wherever I may be working that day.